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We’re harnessing the digital to drive marketing excellence!

We position institutional marketing initiatives to attain digital maturity through operational automation interventions, to achieve process efficiency and exponential return on investment.

About Us

DigitalEdgeX is the partner of choice for clients seeking to sharpen their marketing initiatives with a digital edge. In today's increasingly competitive battleground of brands, we collaborate with our clients to secure more out of their marketing spendings. We ensure value augmentation by bringing into play the latest, that shifts in the field of martech and system automation have to offer.

We are a new generation of digital technology practitioners, with a finger on the pulse of the modern marketer; identifying challenges and devising marketing solutions that best cuts across the clutter with maximum impact. Our world-class team of certified professionals benefits from a rich base of technological and process expertise, built through extensive hands-on experience with the latest marketing tools and industry standards over the last 15 years, across all verticals.

DigitalEdgeX's comprehensive service delivery philosophy focuses on a quality-over-quantity approach. We strive to drive strategic organisational success through 100% adherence to service level agreements, established quality parameters and transparent key performance indicators.


Our Vision

DigitalEdgeX aspires to handhold organisations in implementing best in class marketing automation solutions and standards, tailored for specific business needs. We aim to collaborate with the marketing echelons, including tier-one C-Suite executives, to attain strategic organisational goals like reduced time to market, enhanced customer experience, scalability and revenue growth, through an advanced suite of marketing tools and consultancy.

Our Mission

Our team of experts and technocrats, with a profound understanding of the market trends, serves as a digital force multiplier by automating communication processes like email marketing and campaign initiatives. We focus on taking over operational bulk from the marketers to allow them enough bandwidth for more intellectually and strategically rewarding areas like ideation and creativity. Our certified professionals also act as change managers by ensuring that the value delivery are at per with the latest domain standards and relevance.


Our Core Values

  • PassionAt the core of DigitalEdgeX’s service excellence, lies a team of certified professionals obsessed with perfection. We are pleased to put our skills into use for driving value and profitability for our clients.
  • CommitmentDigitalEdgeX fully comprehends the responsibilities that come along with taking over a core business operation like marketing. We honour the trust with industry-leading inputs, robust service standards, clarity and quality commitments.
  • Respect for the IndividualRespect for the individual, the cardinal institutional building block, is central to DigitalEdgeX’s organisational DNA. We take pride in our multicultural, cohesive workforce, trained to perform and achieve in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation.
  • DiversityRecognising that the best ideas often come from the unlikeliest of places, we at DigitalEdgeX promote the spirit of debate and encourage diversity in opinions and ideas. The ever-transforming domains of martech reward those who can genuinely think and innovate out of the box.

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